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Yard Management System is a computer system in the logistics which is helping to manage the work of the isolated magazine, as well as many, in different locations. The transparent schedule is eliminating the plausibility of mistakes at planning the logistic chain by managing gates and with advices assigned to them. Reports of the work of the magazine and statistics are ones of many advantages of the system. Yms contains the number of functionalities specifying works of the magazine as well as allows for controlling the schedule from every place because the application is available online.

Thanks to exploiting the logistic system in the enterprise you are making works easier for the entire team, because the intuitive application is simplifying both planning the schedule as well as is adapting to your temporary-employee requirements in order to level uneven loads of the warehouse. Specific hours and transparent timetables cause enforcing the punctuality of suppliers as well as what behind it is going eliminating columns and stoppages. A storeman, a doorkeeper and every employee which will need it, can have an access to the application what the needn't to have and to print paper documents will limit to the minimum. He enables Yms to impose the duty of notifying oneself directly for suppliers.


Why is it worthwhile choosing us?


Clear rules

You are paying the fixed subscription and at any time you can stop cooperating with us without no consequences.



Updates will be successively load in order to in like the large degree to lighten logistic employees burden.


Supporting online

In hours from 7:00 - 16.00 it is possible to contact oneself with our adviser in order to receive the support.


Individual accounts

An unlimited number of accounts lets every employee have his individual user account along with entitlements which it is possible in every moment to verify.


Unique algorithms

Thanks to the developmental function of algorithms everyone can create their formula in the fast way to verify the length of the advice.


Calendars design

Changeable and permanent calendars allow to close or to open the given magazine or the gate in order to affect functioning of them.

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Adapt the length of the advice window and eliminate stoppages at the magazine

Thanks to the modern structure of the software you are able to create the algorithm which with the surprising accuracy will help suppliers and for storemen to adapt the time of the given logistic operation.


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What customers are saying about our product

  • GTV Poland sp. z o.o.

    In our company we are managing advices with the help of the software which the Innovcode company offers.
    The program in spite of our anxieties efficiently underwent the stage of production implementing. Thanks to the access which we received in order to get acquainted with the system, we knew of what to expect and how fully to use it.
    Adapting the application to our needs is a great advantage. Without any problems, all comments and needs regarding the design and operation of the software have been taken into account in the development of a system that works efficiently.
    Reliable online support both at the service, as well as the system configuration.


    Arkadiusz Marcyjanik

    Logistics Manager

  • B&P Engineering Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

    B&P Engineering Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. I would like to confirm that we cooperate with Innovcode. Our cooperation is very fruitful.
    The program offered by the company is clear and easy to use, which makes work much easier. Frequent updates show that the company is focused on growth.
    The high competence of employees, a wide range as well as high quality and aesthetics of the application deserve recognition. We recommend Innovcode as a reliable partner for cooperation.


    Marianna Klimza

    Export and Logistics Coordinator

  • Kapadora sp. z o.o.

    Very good and professional cooperation, starting from the first interview. The company is very committed to developing its product. Frequent information about introduced changes, and successively sent messages with a plan for further improvements. Very fruitful telephone contact in case of problems or questions. Additionally, courtesy of you in the field of training companies that cooperate with us in the use of the program. The program itself is able to offer a lot to a potential buyer, a large individuality of the system allows you to set everything for a specific customer. At the same time, the ease of use and transparency further facilitate work.


    Michał Gembalczyk


  • Alnor systemy wentylacji sp. z o.o.

    In our company, the application has been running 100% for four months. It is already very well designed, and we can also personalize it to our own needs. A great solution is an update map where different companies report their needs, and the Innocode.it team determines when they can add additional functionalities. The approach to new challenges (we had a couple in my company) is fully professional, I never heard it, there is always an attempt to implement it and so far I have 100% implemented everything, where it was not possible in other companies. We rate contact with people from Innovcode.it on a scale of 0-5 out of 5, and 0 is the lowest rating factor. The companies that cooperated in the implementation of new projects also spoke very positively about the professionalism of people working at every level of implementation at Innovcode.it.I recommend it 100%.


    Paweł Zimmermann

    Logistics Director

  • Ekonip sp. z o.o.

    Flexibility in the context of adapting the application to the needs of our company turned out to be a key element of fruitful cooperation. Very good communication and competences of people from the company allowed us to quickly implement the notification process in our company. An additional advantage of the application is its transparency.


    The Ekonip team



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Arrange the presentation

It will be sufficient in the short mail to the biuro@innovcode.it address to express desire for getting acquainted with our computer system in the logistics, and to establish date convenient for you of the presentation.



See what we have for you for offering. Representatives of our company will arrive so that free of charge express our logistic system of the enterprise and answer questions.



Create the warehouse account along with the help of our employee in order to begin the cooperation at coordinating the logistic supply chain.


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